weddingAs couples begin thinking about their wedding, they are often confused as to how much to spend, where to obtain services, and how to choose vendors. These worries often mount as quickly as the cost of the wedding. After the euphoria wears off and the reality settles in, it’s shocking to discover of how much preparation is involved. Couples are faced with decisions about everything from invitation wording to planning their honeymoon. I once read an article stating that not long ago a wedding coordinator was thought of as a luxury, only used by the wealthy.

Now a coordinator is essential to the well planned affair. Being experienced in negotiating contracts with caterers, florists, photographers, and other suppliers, the coordinator saves valuable time and money. The coordinator can also take advantage of discounts not available to private parties, and avoid costly mistakes.

The average wedding can take more than two hundred fifty hours just to plan. With today’s hectic lifestyles, you may not have time to compare all the options, making sure you get the best for your money, and make sure all the details are in place. Understand that wedding coordinators are not there to make decisions for you, but to guide and assist you in making informed decisions. They sometimes also act as the family counselor for apprehensive brides and the mothers, as well as they sometimes can become as close as your best friend.

How do you know you’re hiring the right coordinator? Trust is most important in any relationship. You should feel completely comfortable with the coordinator and feel assured that he or she completely understands what your needs are. You are going to spend the next eight months to a year with him or her. Make sure your personalities match.

How Do Wedding Coordinators Charge for Services?

Wedding coordination fees vary greatly from coordinator to coordinator.

Here are some examples:

  • 10% – 15% of the overall budget Fee based on amount of wedding coordinated Flat rate for day of services (around $1,500) plus 15% of vendor contract costs.
  • Fee based on number of guests
  • Flat rate based on amount of work needed
  • Hourly Rate (Often greater than $40 per hour)
  • “Free!” (beware…these services take commissions and kickbacks from the vendors.)

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Tarrian Grant-Burnett
BBbyT Weddings, Travel & Events LLC